What the hell is wrong with people?!?!?!?

So last week my daughter went to see this band perform. Nothing unusual about that…. she love music. This band’s singer was previously in another band that she and her boyfriend knew personally and saw perform often. She became friends with the band members and followed them on Facebook, twitter..etc.  So the singer of the of this original band joined a new group. They went to this new band’s show last Friday night to support her (the lead singer). On Monday morning this happened…



To say my daughter felt devastated would be an understatment. She had even just changed her FB profile pic to one of her and the lead singer Lariyah Hayes. She had just met some of these people and less than 72 hours  later this tragic accident happened and three of these people are dead. I had no idea how to help her with the feeling she had. She told me that she prayed to any god that would listen for her friend Lariyah to not be one of the dead and that she would be able to heal from any injury she had because she just had a little baby girl only two months ago….Thank God Lariyah’s injuries were not ‘life threatening” although she did have broken ribs, a punctured lung and has required extensive surgery and skin grafts to her arm and wrist.

Now there have been some people commenting on this story and I have to say that I was just blow away by the hatred in some of the comments I read on some of the pages.  How can people, who have never even know these individuals or heard their music or know anything about them say such horrible things???

People…are we that bitter/sad/angry/hateful that we lash out at the devastation of others?? Lives were lost, lives were forever changed with this accident. How can people be this way?? Are we, as a society, so lost…so depraived that the loss of life brings out the judgemental asshole in some people…..and why??

I don’t have to be a fan, and it doesn’t matter that my daughter personally knew some of these people and honestly, I’ve never even heard either of the group’s  music. But I have to say the comments are beyond ridiculous and hateful. To say that these people lost their life because God hates their music or because someone thinks the type of music that these bands play or they way they dress, or the makeup they wear on stage is different or not ‘main-stream’ and deserve this tragedy  is  wrong and beyond insane.

These are not horrible people, murders, drug dealers, thieves,  child abusers, the bottom of society…they are mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, friends, …they are musicians. My son is a musician, and so is my daughter. These people make their living creating and playing music. That is one of the most beautiful gifts and individual can have.

The loss of lives and the horrific injuries these people have sustained will forever change their lives. Do we not recognize this as something we have all experienced in one way or another? Where is the compassion that we are all capable of….the sorrow that we have all faced…the anguish that we have all experienced in one way or another???

…What the hell is wrong with people????




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